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Notifiable work

Part P of the Building Regulations

Since 1st January 2005, most of the electrical installation in a domestic property comes within the scope of part P of the Building Regulations and this affects everyone who carries out domestic electrical work, whether DIY or a professional electrician.

Now most electrical work must be certificated by a member of a competent person self certification scheme, or if DIY, the work must be notified to the local authority before commencement, which will then be responsible for inspecting and testing it for electrical safety. The local authority will levy a charge for this.

The whole purpose of this new set of regulations is to protect the householder from "Cowboy" electricians.

Failure to comply with the Building Regulations is a criminal offence and the local authorities have the power to require the removal or alteration of work that does not comply with the requirements.
The person that carries out electrical work that contravenes the Building Regulations can be fined up to £5000 for the contravention and £50 for each day the contravention continues. Additionally, you may encounter problems selling your house if work fails to comply with the Building Regulations. It is you as the householder/owner who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that electrical work complies with the Building Regulations in your dwelling.It is you who may be ultimately served with an enforcement notice.


TABLE 1: Work that does not need to be notified to building control bodies.
Replacing old accessories, such as switches, sockets, ceiling roses
Replacing the cable for a single circuit only, where damaged, for example, by fire, rodent or impact. (see note a)
Re-fixing or replacing the enclosures of existing installation components. (see note b)
Providing mechanical protection to existing fixed installations. (see note c)
Work that is not in a kitchen or special location and does not involve a special installation (see note d) and consists of:
Adding lighting points to an existing circuit (see note e).
Installing or upgrading main or supplementary equipotential bonding (see note f)

(a) On condition that the replacement cable has the same current carrying capacity, follows the same route and does not serve more than one sub-circuit through a distribution board.
(b) If the circuit's protective measures are uneffected
(c) If the circuit's measures and current-carrying capacity of conductors are unaffected by increased thermal insulation.
(d) Special locations and installations are listed in table 2
(e) Only if the existing circuit protective device is suitable and provides protection for the modified circuit and other relevant safety provisions are satisfactory.
(f) Such work shall comply with other applicable legislation, such as the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulation.

TABLE 2: Special Locations and Installations
Locations containing a bath tub or shower
Swimming pools or paddling pools
Hot air saunas
Electric floor or ceiling heating systems
Garden lighting or power installations
Solar photovoltaic (PV) power supply systems
Small scale generators such as microCHP units
Extra-low voltage lighting installations, other than pre-assembled, CE-marked lighting sets
We will supply you with completion certificates when the work is completed and we will inform your local authority via the NICEIC, who will send you a buildings regulation certificate for the work within a few days

Evergreen Electrical Ltd
is registered as an NICEIC Domestic Installer and so you can be confident that any work performed by us will be to the standards set by the Building Regulations and the Requirements for Electrical Installations listed in BS7671:2004

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Evergreen Electrical Ltd is an NICEIC approved contractor, which means that you have the security of knowing that all our work is to the highest standards, as laid down in BS7671: 2018.  Not only that, All our work is guaranteed for Ten Years! (not insurance backed)
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